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Metallic look FRP Jharokha

 Metallic look FRP Jharokha
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Metallic look FRP Jharokha
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  • Model: WKCH140
  • Weight: 8.95kg
  • Dimensions: 210.00mm x 740.00mm x 1,700.00mm
  • SKU: WKCH140

Waahkart Presented Metallic Jharokha. Made up of high quality FRP product which is Weather resistance and unbreakable in normal wear & tear conditions. It is attractive wall frame. It is in new Unique traditional style. A great choice for home, living room, hotel, office wall decoration. You can take this as decoration piece for your home & office or as gift purpose! The Design in fiber are the most interesting object of desire among our fascinating range of handicrafts.

Approx Measurement- Height- 1700mm Weight-740mm Depth-210mm, Weight:- 8.95 kg

  • Material : FRP | Color : Metallic
  • Weather resistance and unbreakable
  • Perfect for Home decor wall frame
  • Attractive look with traditional style
  • Eye Catching Product

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